Jacob Chan

on climate change and technologists

29 Oct 2018

I was reading this article done by Bret Victor. It really makes you think, especially the Coda section. I do want to work in this sector and somehow reverse the climate change trajectory we’re going on. (Even the anecdote regarding the state of healthcare.gov makes me feel bad about even thinking of working for large companies).

Although right now it is unclear on how a regular technologist can work on this stuff, I think it’s important to not only be aware of the impact we’re having, but also think of the individual contributions. Everyone thinks that their contribution will not amount to anything, but it adds up.

I just hope there will be more avenues for people like me (technologically savvy) to work for causes like this. Maybe it’s through the government, or through companies like SolarCity. In my opinion, profit-driven organizations tend to operate a lot faster and more urgently, which is the environment I thrive in.

So this is a call for:

These are just some nascent ideas and questions that arose while reading some literature.

Thanks for allowing me to share.