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An assistant to help you log what you want to log.

Ever go to a restaurant and wish: "I need to make a note to come back!" (or the opposite)? Wish you kept a record of every time you went to that one restaurant down the street? What you ordered? What you thought of it? Were the washrooms clean?


The goal of Topaz is to lower the barrier to start logging things you want to log.

Landing Page & Developing a design language

Conversational UI

To provide a friendly and welcoming interface, Topaz's interface mimics that of the familiar conversational UI. As if I'm talking to a smart assistant, Topaz makes it super easy to get straight into logging, cutting out the unnecessary steps (i.e. booting up an app, using data, choosing a log file, entering the information column by column, etc.)

Self Defined Logs

Topaz allows you to declare the structure of your log. For example, if I want to start logging the restaurants I visit, I can declare that an "item" within this "log" would consist of:

Defining Logs

Topaz will remember this structure, and when you want to log something (e.g. you're at a restaurant), Topaz will ask you:

And that's all!



Being able to share these "templates" of logs, so you can easily compare with your friends. Some cool statistical insights could be pulled from this as well ("Why don't you start eating with John? He also likes restaurants that serve sushi.")


Based on cohorts of people using the same template that fit the same model, recommendations on things being logged (restaurants, movies, drinks, etc.) could be recommended to you from the patterns observed in similar users.


For logs that follow a similar pattern, Topaz will pick up on these patterns and give notifications on when it thinks you might want to log something. For example, if you're at a restaurant, Topaz will "message" you, asking if you want to log this place. Or at a certain time (e.g. after 8AM on weekdays), Topaz reminds you to log your sleep quality.