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Jacob Chan

Small Javascript library to simulate typing effect.

technologies used: Javascript, jQuery

date: November 2015

Pygame, written to recreate one of the best games in existance: Pokemon Puzzle League for the Nintendo 64.

See it in action.

technologies used: Python, Pygame

date: October 2015

Slackbot that keeps track of meetings that a user can log. Uses express to handle requests and displays it on a webpage and in the messages accordingly.

technologies used: Node.js, Express, Javascript, jQuery

date: November 2015

Sends messages from one arduino to another.

See it in action.

technologies used: C, Arduino

date: August 2015

Acted as the sole designer/developer on the website. In contact with the clients to understand their needs, create mockups/wireframes, and then to develop the solution.

technologies used: AngularJS, Sass, Wordpress, jade, jQuery, Javascript

date: May 2015

Wrote skins for Rainmeter, popular desktop customization applicaation.

technologies used: Rainmeter

date: February 2015